СПР-Групп - инновационные технологии в сфере доочистки водных ресурсов

Using advanced technologies “SPR-GROUP” strives to protect natural water resources from pollution. Communal and industrial waste water treatment is a huge step towards clean water balance of the Earth that can not be underestimated.
Water consumers’ health is our top priority. Therefore SPR-GROUP uses technologies that are reliable, very efficient, environment friendly, appropriate to local area, easily blended into landscape, odorless and silent. To achieve that “SPR-GROUP” uses only the best materials and equipment and employs the best specialists only.
Protection of clean water bodies with the help of continuous scientific research that is working for the good of people and nature - is the key principle that obliges “SPR-GROUP” to work hard to design hi-tech and environment friendly facilities.

Mobile water treatment system and personal filter