Mobile water treatment system

Ltd. "SPR-Group" - is a leading Ukrainian company in design, construction, reconstruction and upgrading of waste water treatment facilities on a "turn-key" basis.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of water supply and water disposal systems implementing our expertise and technologies while complying with environmental standards and regulations.

Innovative water treatment solutions

Reliable and efficient

Our water treatment solutions are stable, reliable, convenient systems that are designed to be operated under severe conditions.

Maximum automated

Our water treatment systems are pre-assembled and ready for on-site immediate operation.

Economically sound

Each system is designed specifically according to technical specifications and budget of a customer. The calculated cost of 1000 liters of treated water is 0,45 USD (under the condition of its operation using a diesel generator and its equipment useful life of 10 years).

Ecologically friendly and stable

Pipes and filters are made of strong and ecologically friendly materials, which are able to work under any climate conditions.

Water Point
- mobile water treatment system

Water Point is designed for high quality drinking water supply from different fresh (lakes, rivers, wells) and salt water sources. The system provides a variety of solutions to satisfy different needs and to work under different conditions. It is simple in operation and is pre-assembled and ready for on-site operation.

Personal filter

Uptodate european technology in connection with simplicity of use of compact and mobile personal filter allows drinking water from different polluted sources safely. Personal filter is able to treat up to 1000 liters of polluted water while eliminating 99,99 % of all bacteria and parasites. Lightweight and portability of the product make it able to use it in different situations when there is a need in drinking water.

Mobile treatment systems in use

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