Наши проекты


Our experience encompasses advanced water supply and wastewater treatment facilities, mobile wastewater treatment plants, sewer collection systems and water reuse. We have significant expertise in all types of water treatment ranging from conventional plants to complex hi-tech facilities. We have also performed numerous wastewater treatment plant design upgrades.

Within relatively short time-frame "SPR-GROUP" has completed following projects: 2 water purification plants in Lugansk (40000 m3/day = 10.57mgd) and Slavyansk (35000 m3/day = 7.7mgd); 14 wastewater treatment facilities ranging in size from 240 m3/day (0.063mgd) to more than 18 000 m3/day (4,76mgd); 2 sewerage collectors of total length up to 3000m (1,86 mile) in Odessa and Yalta.

The following objects are under construction: wastewater treatment plant in Boryspol (21500 m3/day = 3.3mgd) and Baryshevka (2000 m3/day = 0.53mgd) in Kiev region.