• design of waste water treatment facilities;
  • construction, reconstruction and modernization of treatment facilities;
  • supply of equipment and automated control systems for treatment facilities;
  • supervised equipment installation;
  • commissioning and adjustment of treatment facilities;
  • warranty and post-warranty service

Granted European and Ukrainian licenses our company can carry out every stage of engineering design, construction, procurement, commissioning and management of our facilities.

Engineering design and construction. Our experience encompasses advanced water supply and wastewater treatment facilities, mobile wastewater treatment plants, sewer collection systems and water reuse. We have significant expertise in all types of treatment ranging from conventional plants to complex hi-tech facilities. We have also performed numerous wastewater treatment plant design upgrades.

Procurement. Our Company cooperates with the worlds leading manufacturers of wastewater treatment equipment. The main criterion of supplied by "SPR-GROUP" equipment is not only compliance with strict environmental standards and operating quality but also their reliability and reliability of proposed system as a whole.

Management. We can provide our clients with maintenance of treatment plants, operation of treatment plants, operational support of treatment plants, servicing and repair.


Design of waste water treatment facilities
Integrated design of waste water treatment plants of the new generation is performed according to clients needs and their circumstances.

Construction, reconstruction and modernization
of treatment facilities

Our use of innovative reliable technology and rich experience allow us to achieve the highest quality standards of the new plants and successful reconstruction or modernization of existing facilities.

Supply of equipment and automated
control systems for treatment facilities

We have established business contacts and partnership elations with leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of waste water treatment and water processing equipment. We provide all systems tests and provide training for operators.

Supervised equipment installation
Successive operation of our plants depends on how well the equipment is mounted at the facility. Therefore, we advice all installations carry out under our specialists supervision.

Commissioning and adjustment
of treatment facilities

Operating rules are designed individually according to the actual flow rate and permitted discharge parameters.

Warranty and post-warranty service
Professional service from the manufacturers of the equipment is the key to its smooth and efficient operation. We have developed and offer several service packages.