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Our team

Through effective and efficient project planning, our experts provide comprehensive services and expertise in meeting regulatory requirements. "SPR-GROUP" is known for our integrated and systemic approach in managing of comprehensive technical problems by our team of administrative, engineering and manufacturing experts. The Company’s engineering and manufacturing professional staff consists of 260 experts from Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, Russia and United Kingdom provide performance excellence and are able to run numerous projects simultaneously.

The Company works with large scientific institutes of Ukraine, employees of "SPR-GROUP" are the members of Science and Engineering Boards of The ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utility Sector of Ukraine, The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

As a result, taking into account all the aspects of Customers needs and conditions, we provide them with the best individual expert solutions.

Our scientists and engineers have designed wastewater treatment facilities ranging in size from 0.013 million gallons per day (mgd) (50m3/day) to more than 4,76mgd (18000m3/day). Moreover, "SPR-GROUP" has prepared 12 project of wastewater treatment plants reconstruction with productivity from 18 000 m3 day (4.76mgd) to 450 000 m3/day (118.88mgd).